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Circuit Bending & Recycling

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News & Media Archive
Eco Arts Festival, Cedar Rapids
WLUW Interview, Chicago Interview, Part I, Chicago Interview, Part II, Chicago
Msicworks Magazine

Spring Reverb in a Lunchbox - Musicworks Magazine
Roth Mobot's article for a simple DIY spring reverb project. This was our second article for Musicworks Magazine. The article explains the physics of reverberation and has a step-by-step instructional tutorial how to build one into a common lunchbox using easily obtained materials.

Msicworks Magazine

How to Hack Musical Greeting Card - Musicworks Magazine
Roth Mobot was invited to write a DIY article on "Hacking a Musical Greeting Card." We carefully photographed each step of the process, created multiple illustrations, and worked with the magazine's editorial staff to write a clear, concise, step-by-step instructional guide to this simple and fun project.

The result is eight pages filled with over 30 photos and three illustrations.

There is a video of the finished hacked greeting card project on our Devices page.

Nashville Scene

Nashville Scene
- Preview of the Circuit Benders' Ball
- Follow up Review
of the Circuit Bender's Ball
Two different journalists write about Roth Mobot and our visit to the Circuit Benders's Ball in Nashville, Tennessee. The first article is an announcement of the event and the second is a review of both our workshop and our performance.

Echo Magazine

Echo Magazine (page 19)
A reporter visits the eSymposium and writes about Roth Mobot's use of recycled electronics, their involvement in the education system, and their ongoing development of the Midwest's experimental electronics community.

Newcity Music

The article,  Escape from Noise: Is This Not Music?  is an excellent synopsis that traces the roots and meaning of the noise movement, it's effects upon the listener, as well as its place in the ever-expanding oeuvre of music.

Built in Chicago

Built in Chicago
Roth Mobot was interviewed for an article entitled, Roth Mobot: Circuit Bending for All. The article focuses mainly on Roth Mobot's role in supporting the Midwest's experimental electronics community.


Vocalo Radio Interview

Patrick explains the basics of Circuit Bending as part of Vocalo's "How-To-A-Thon" from Navy Pier in Chicago.

Third Coast - Resound

"Bent" - Chicago Public Radio Documentary

Delaney Hall of Chicago Public Radio interviews Tommy, Patrick, and our friend, Alex Inglizian, about Circuit Bending and Toy Hacking in this excellent piece entitled "Bent."

Loyola University Chicago

"Hell Bent" - Documentary

Matt Kordonowy spent a few weeks following us and documenting our workshops and the virtual performance from Chicago to New York. His documentary is called "Hell Bent."

transistor chicago

"The Roundtable " - Webcast Interview

Rani Woolpert interviews Tommy Stephenson and Patrick McCarthy from Roth Mobot and Tomer Gal from Welcome Tomerica. A brief performance followed.

Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune Article
The Chicago Tribune's "At Play" section covered Patrick's Circuit Bending workshops at the Old Town School of folk Music
flavorpill Flavorpill Posting
A description of Roth Mobot's Circuit Bending Workshops at the Old Town School of Folk Music from the "More Flavor" section of Flavorpill Chicago.
Chicago Tech REport Chicago Tech Report Interview
A brief Interview with Patrick McCarthy about Roth Mobot's work.
WZRD Radio 88.3 FM WZRD Radio Interview, 88.3 FM, Chicago
Mike Perkins interviews Tommy and Patrick about Circuit Bending and their monthly workshops.
Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3
Excerpt 4
Excerpt 5
Excerpt 6
Columbia College Chicago The Columbia Chronicle Interview
The Columbia Chronicle's Steven Schnarr conducted extensive Interviews with Patrick McCarthy, Reed Ghazala, and others about the history and philosophy of Circuit Bending.
Badger Herald Review of Madison Pop Festival Performance
"... the group forgoes traditional tonal sounds altogether in a dissonant, musique concrete cacophony composed of circuit-bent devices alone."


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